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Industrial workshop canopy - perfect use of every inch of space
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In July, anbang partnered with a Shanghai drinking water company to create an aluminum tent that functions as a warehouse and workshop.

Previously, the Shanghai water company, which is located in an area of land, used the open space in front of the factory to do some simple packaging and stacking of goods. To avoid exposure to the weather, they chose a simple work shed in the form of steel structure and colored steel tiles. Not long ago, the company received a notice from local authorities in Shanghai that their shed had been designated as an illegal construction and needed to be removed within the specified time, otherwise they would be subject to corresponding penalties.

The company was caught between a busy assembly line that could not be stopped and pressure from the government when our products came into their sights. First, as a new type of temporary structure, the tent essentially avoids the possibility of being defined as an illegal construction, making it possible for the company to continue to use the space. Second, the construction of the tent is fast and convenient, do not need to delay too long cycle, for the company busy work to save valuable time; Third, the appearance of awning beautiful atmosphere, not only can solve the company's site problem, but also in the corporate image for their grace many. With these features of the canopy products, immediately won the customer's affirmation, they immediately with us to determine the cooperation.

\ with the continuous development of society and economy, every inch of land in the city is more and more precious, how to use the perfect use of their own every inch of space, I think, our tent for you in the choice to provide a quality choice.

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