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Time flies, 2018 has gone through half a year. We have also ushered in the hottest season -- summer.

According to the custom of previous years, the auto show of various famous brands is also launched at this time. However, sorching summer, below such high temperature weather, how to make consumer comfortable, leisurely watch each new car?

At this time, you need us, anbang mobile tent, for you to maximize customer comfort and new car appreciation.

1. The structural features of the canopy enable its space utilization rate to reach 100%. Whether it is a small car or a medium or large car, it can get in and out freely.

2. Humanized design, with control and tune. Adjust the spacing 3-5 meters, length can also be freely controlled. The important thing is that, depending on the site, the way we set it up can change as well. For example: the ground is ordinary cement floor, we will use expansion screws fixed, if it is installed on the lawn, we can also play nails to strengthen the fixation; If in the square can not destroy the ground use, the customer can choose to use the load-bearing frame.

3. Another main profile of the tent -- PVC scraper coating cloth: it has the function of uv protection and sun protection. If customers need customized advertisements, they can also print words and designs on the cover. Our tarpaulin is B1 flame retardant. Even if it does catch fire accidentally, it will go out automatically in a short time, which is better for fire safety in densely populated areas.

4. Aluminum alloy is durable and does not rust; The tarpaulin is novel and beautiful. It can withstand the temperature difference from minus 20 ℃ to 70 ℃. Additional, surround block can also choose glass, ABS wall to wait for different material to pledge; Indoor can increase the equipment that shoots the light, air conditioning to suit exhibition to use. (refer to the actual picture).

Under the premise of quality assurance, anbang tent can provide you with more enthusiastic services to design appropriate programs, and provide guaranteed after-sales service.


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