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Why more and more people choose wedding tent?
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Wedding tent is a convenient mobile building, very convenient when disassembly, and can be used according to their own needs customized size specifications, in addition, compared to the traditional indoor wedding it has the following four advantages, including:

1, the product is noble but the price is not expensive: the tent is not bound by the site, space, and can be matched with floral, food and other relevant supporting services, so that your guests enjoy the enjoyment of the luxury hotel than in the family party is generally relaxed consumption;

2, the restriction that does not suffer guest number, have freedom and flexibility more: after choosing awning, new personality can show the style that gives different kind according to different requirement and theme and price. At the same time also can decide the size of the tent according to the number of guests, which has considerable flexibility;


3, the atmosphere will be more harmonious wedding newlyweds only to complete their own ceremony is too simple, if you can interact with the guests, guests can also think of some ways to complete the new couple, play some games is another kind of fun, can be in its happy atmosphere to complete the wedding, is a wonderful thing; ;

4, more close to nature, and not restricted: the choice of the wedding tent means that can be held in the wild wedding, this form is more close to nature, so you can choose the sunny day, also can choose in the night. Imagine, invite all friends and relatives to a lively bonfire party, put some brilliant fireworks, is also don't have some fun.

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