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Why is a herringbone tent the first choice for outdoor activities
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When an event is held outdoors, it is not always a practical success. Sudden storms or strong winds may affect the event. The gabled tent made by anbang has a waterproof top layer (PVC double-layer knife scratch coated cloth), which can not only resist rain, but also effectively block the sun and ultraviolet rays, providing a comfortable environment for your guests.

Whether it is a stage performance or a commercial event, the organizers want to give your guests comfortable seats and a good viewing experience. The interior space of anbang tent is 100% available with no visual barriers. Not only let the customer see wider, also let host can use more area.

Anbang tent provides 3-40 meters span of gabled tent structure with modular design, length can be increased or decreased by 3 meters or 5 meters spacing. The main components of the support (column and miter beam) are made of high-strength aluminum alloy tubes. The tarp is made of flame-retardant double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth, which conforms to the European din4102b1/m2 standard. G weight 750g/ m2, 650g/ m2, with shading and semi-transparent two specifications. There are white, red, blue and other colors available.

There are a variety of supporting facilities such as floor, lighting, cloth curtain, etc., which can provide a more powerful guarantee for the complete success of the activity. This is the main reason why anbang's herringbone tent is the preferred temporary structure for outdoor events.

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