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What kind of equipment do you need for a camping tent?
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What kind of equipment do you need for a camping tent? The first is to prepare a floor cloth, which is between the size of the internal account and the external account. It can also be replaced with a plastic film for agriculture, which buffers between the ground and the internal account to protect the account. What else?

1, moisture-proof pad: a lot of people use aluminum film moisture-proof pad, lighter. It is best to cover the whole account, mainly to prevent dampness and make sleeping more comfortable.

2. Self-filling cushion or air cushion bed: one person, self-filling cushion is lighter, some with air cushion. The air cushion is very heavy and has been used by fewer people. The main effect is the same.


3, sleeping bag: insulation, this is mainly can be configured temperature, and can be configured in different seasons. Novice need to pay attention to the temperature scale, which is very different from the actual effect. Generally speaking, mark the upper and lower limit temperature scale, mark the temperature scale, press + 5~10 degrees, which has a great relationship with the human body.

The above is a small summary of the price of tents camping tents need some equipment, hope to be helpful to you, this article does not represent the views of this site.

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