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Why are prefabricated canopies the new darling of banquets?
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Speaking of the use of awning, it is becoming more and more common in various conference and banquet scenes. In an outdoor garden lawn, we built a large banquet tent of 20*30 meters. Why is the prefabricated tent the new favorite for banquet activities? The technical personnel that rents by tent below explains for everybody, hope can be helpful to you.

Due to the characteristics of the prefabricated structure of the tent itself, all components will be completed in the factory prefabricated production, site construction does not need soil and water operations, damage the environment, like this 600 square tent can be built without a day to decorate complete, can easily achieve disassembly migration, repeated use of the function!

The whole conference banquet tent reserved for 5 meters space, as the entrance balcony, the building of platform can better improve the environment and good for walking, internal space capacious and without any obstacles, in addition to the table space can also be planning a speech and performance stage, decorate a simple but functional, able to cope with all kinds of the size of the meeting and banquet of hundreds of people to take and hold!

In fact, there are a lot of activities such as outdoor wedding banquet, dinner party, annual meeting, conference on the market at present, there is a great demand for outdoor tent space, so now a lot of activities, wedding companies, hotels and so on have started to purchase tent from us, seize this huge market.


Our regular banquet tent is very scalable, as long as the appropriate tent span size can be selected to cope with a variety of different sizes of banquets and events. Tent length can outspread reduce to make all sorts of dimensional dimensions, main body frame can match different top cloth and wall body to use, interior adornment form a complete set can change diversity, change a variety of Spaces at any time!

To purchase tent to provide rental for customers, we will give you according to the market demand situation appropriate procurement specification recommended, as well as variable span awning room, let the awning room has more variety of purposes, even we will also be part of the tent rental demand for consulting in turn to local customers, to achieve win-win cooperation!

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