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Knowledge of awning installation, use and maintenance
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1. Carefully read the support method before installation, so as not to affect the use effect due to improper installation;

2. Avoid sharp instruments from scratching the tent and affecting the use effect;

3. After the tent is used up, all spare parts should be collected for reuse;

4. The bearing capacity of each piece of support shall not exceed 200KG when stacking yards;

5, handling process should be as light as possible, packaging to prevent damage, so as not to lose accessories;

6, such as the use of electrical appliances in the tent, please pay attention to the wire and iron bracket to have a good insulation, otherwise there will be electric shock risk;

7. Before you pitch your tent, you must carefully survey the terrain. There should be no Rolling Stones, logs or weathered rocks above the camp.

8, season do not build tents near the river bank and dry river bed;

9, to prevent lightning, do not put the tent on the top of the mountain or in the open field;

10, in the mud or sand installation, can be dug around the drainage ditch, to ensure that the interior of the tent dry;

11, the material used in the tent is not flame retardant products, if need to cook in the tent, be sure to keep the flame away from the cover or fire prevention board separated from the flame, cooking people can not leave the tent, usually do a good plan to put out the fire, and install the exhaust fan to remove smoke;

12. When the local wind force exceeds grade 8 or above, please remove the tent in advance.

13, cotton tent before storage must be air drying tarpaulin, after its return to dry before folding storage, such as too late to dry tarpaulin cool, remember must not be stored for a long time, so as not to stain and mildew.

14, depending on the local humidity and climate conditions, regularly dry tarp, so as not to breed bacteria, so that the tent rainproof coating was destroyed.

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