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Why are outdoor weddings more popular?
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Many young people have started to forgo hotel weddings in favor of outdoor wedding tents. So why are outdoor wedding tents more commonly used?

A traditional wedding is usually held in a hotel. The interior decoration belongs to the hotel. The layout and decoration of the site also have some limitations. Outdoor wedding tents are more selective than others. No matter the size, style or supporting facilities, are no less than the hotel wedding.

Have enough experience in the construction of wedding tent, wedding tent product variety, such as herring-shaped awning, European awning tent, transparent wedding tent, in addition to Chinese, European, also suitable for wedding ceremony, pastoral, romantic and other styles. The size span can be between 3 and 50m, and the length of the wedding tent can be extended indefinitely by multiples of 3 or 5m, no matter how long the tent can be.



Venue selection and wedding decoration are free of charge. The outdoor wedding tent is not restricted by the terrain, so you can choose the wedding on the romantic beach, comfortable and natural grass, and combine the surrounding environment with your own environment. The idea is to arrange weddings at random.

While a hotel wedding can be romantic, it's less than an outdoor wedding tent. The wedding tent can bring the couple's wedding outdoors, truly integrating the wedding with nature and realizing many girls' years of romantic outdoor wedding dream.

Imagine that when you are outdoors surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, it is a warm and romantic moment. Even after many years, you can still think of this beautiful scenery and let guests enjoy a unique moment. The wedding party.

Weddings in hotels take a long time to book, take a long time and cost a lot of money. An outdoor wedding is cheaper and harder to hold than a hotel. Provide high quality, low price of outdoor wedding tent sales services, can save a lot of economic costs wedding venue. Outdoor wedding tents are more cost effective and overall hosting costs are lower and more memorable. Therefore, the use rate of wedding tent will be relatively high.

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