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What activities will use the mobile tent?
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Mobile tent is used for outdoor activities tent products. For traditional indoor pavilion, mobile tent is not only short duration, low construction cost, strong mobility, and easy to follow. What activities will the mobile tent be used for?

Mobile tent has a wide range of applications and practicality. Mobile tent can be used for a variety of activities, including celebrations, wedding, beer festival, large-scale exhibition, use frequency is very high.

Ceremonial ceremonies: the ceremonial tent may be used for individual ceremonial parties, opening ceremonies, and other events, even for wedding banquets.

Outside the tent, we can print the theme of the event, and inside the tent, we can dress up as we like, which is more cost-effective than renting a hotel to host the event. In this way, not only the purpose of holding the ideal activity, but also the cost saving and efficiency improvement of the enterprise are based on many aspects.



Exhibition: in addition to the exhibition tent can be held in the exhibition, also provide mobile tent. Ordinary commercial activity tents are mainly made up of herringbone tents. The interior space is large, and banner space can be set outside the tent to provide publicity space for the event, thus bringing higher revenue for the enterprise.

Usually, there are auto shows, product promotions and other activities. The tent provides shelter from the wind and rain, ensuring that the event can be held as scheduled in any inclement weather.

New product launches: nowadays, competition is fierce in all walks of life. Major merchants use the combination of online and offline marketing methods. Especially when new products are just launched, many merchants use outdoor promotion to attract consumers. At this time, outdoor activities tent is an important equipment for the meeting. Not only is it resistant to 8-10 winds, but it also has sun protection and flame retardant properties. It can ensure that activities can be carried out on time and smoothly, and bring huge profits to the enterprise.

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