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Why did you choose to lease?
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For activities, the exhibition tent can not only realize the function of the exhibition hall, but also has the charm that the indoor exhibition hall does not have. Why choose exhibition tent leasing?

It is ready to implement the desired theme for the customer, and can quickly and flexibly adjust the customer's needs.

General exhibitions are relatively short and may only last 2-5 days. At this time, separate tents were purchased for individual merchants. This can be a bit extravagant, and choosing to rent a convention tent is relatively economical.



Exhibition tent has a good mobility and temporary, can solve the limitations of the traditional exhibition hall hardware facilities, enhance the influence of exhibition tent.

In terms of size, the exhibition tent ranges from 3 to 50 meters, and its length can be extended by 3 to 5 meters. It can provide great convenience for enterprises in off-season or peak season.

The exhibition tent adopts modular structure, which does not have high requirements on the site. It can avoid increasing the site rental cost due to production needs and save the hidden cost of enterprises.

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