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[Expomax(China)Tent] - two magic weapons for exhibitors
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Although more than half of 2015 has passed, there are still many wonderful exhibitions to be missed in the second half of 2015. Generally speaking, there are thousands of people participating in the exhibition. They gather in the same place with their own goals. The tourists and purchasers are focused on a wide range of goods and looking for suitable suppliers. What about being a supplier?

When your company is ready to participate in the exhibition, it will seriously plan the exhibition strategy, design the exhibition stand and budget funds, and use the limited space and time to show the company's products and demeanor to the outside world as much as possible to attract the most customers. The big direction has been grasped. Have you considered the small things well? The following two small but indispensable things are what Anbang mobile caravan reminds you not to forget when participating in the exhibition.

Treasure chest

The treasure chest is actually the card collection box. Due to the limited time and space, it is impossible for the exhibitors to have one-to-one and face-to-face on-site talks with any buyer interested in our products. The business card collection box plays the role of collecting customer resources. After the move out, the exhibitors can split the business card and collect potential customers. According to the contact method on the business card, they can call or send e-mail one by one to consult the other party about the company's products, and lobby their purchase or agency behavior.

Patch board

Generally speaking, our exhibition caravan will be equipped with power supply, which is convenient for each exhibitor to use electric equipment. At this time, it is necessary to equip with extended power supply equipment. In particular, when it is necessary to add lighting to the exhibition stand and participate in the exhibition in hot summer, electric fans, lighting, video audio and other equipment requiring electric energy need to be connected with sockets. It can be seen from this that a power socket is far from enough. Anbang mobile caravan reminds you that you must bring a patch panel and a socket when participating in the exhibition. Multiple sockets can be separated through the patch panel to meet your needs. Of course, the electricity use should follow the regulations of the exhibition, and do not use the socket and the patch panel indiscriminately.

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