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Autumn outdoor wedding, white cover for you to lock the thick love
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Late autumn comes, plump hayrick, lovely pumpkin, scattered maple leaf, lying in the autumn lazy afternoon, such a leisurely warm village wedding for the young people who want to get rid of the dull Chinese wedding, again comfortable. But in the autumn of cool breeze, want to do a can enjoy sunshine, fresh air already, the perfect outdoor wedding that can block the gale shower that appears again, tent became outdoor wedding reliable safeguard.

Since its establishment, changzhou anbang mobile tent manufacturing co., LTD has been focusing on creating perfect tent equipment for wedding ceremony. White tarpaulin noble elegance, impervious roof tarpaulin effective isolation uv, the length of the tent can be unlimited, for the wedding, within 30 meters span of the tent enough to bring guests feel at home. In addition, the frame of the tent can be upgraded to a series of glass walls, glass doors or other hard walls, adding a luxury and security to your wedding.

Our products are beautiful and durable. If you want to build your own tent, our professional design team can develop professional solutions according to your needs. To anbang, choose mobile tent manufacturing experts!

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