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Why buy all aluminium alloy awning anbang to answer doubt for you
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Since the iphone6s and iphone6s plus were released in September, there has been another round of apple mania. Due to the previous generation of iphone frequent "bendgate" incident, apple is also determined to the new generation of iphone body material improvements, the purpose is a - hard! Hard!!!! Hard!!!! So the 7000 series aluminum alloy was applied to iphone6s and iphone6s plus.

In fact, since the beginning of apple watch, apple has quietly adopted products made of aluminum alloy. Besides mobile phones, the automobile industry has set off an aluminum alloy craze at the earliest.

We often hear about ferraris, porsches and other supercars that use aluminum bodies to reduce weight. Why aluminum alloy? On the one hand, it can reduce the weight of the body, so that the car can get better power and reduce fuel consumption. On the other hand, aluminum alloy is a kind of material that is very easy to recycle and recycle, which also makes the maintenance of the car easier and of course more environmentally friendly. The same applies to the awning.

When the client comes to anbang, we will first understand what the client is buying the tent for and then suggest the client what frame material to use. Some customers may wonder, "you suggest we buy all-aluminum tents, is it because the price is higher, you earn more?" It's not. As with the auto industry, aluminum alloy is used in temporary structures such as canopies to reduce weight and construction costs at the same strength, and to facilitate recycling.

Compared with steel structure, all-aluminum structure has considerable advantages. One is "faster" : workers can quickly complete the construction of the project in a short time, saving labor costs and time costs. Especially for enterprises or businesses that need storage space for transition or to meet the demand of peak season, aluminum alloy structure of the tent will be the first choice; Second, it is "easier to move". Compared with the steel structure, the aluminum frame can be disassembled faster, which can greatly improve the flexibility of layout planning for customers who need to relocate, rebuild and reuse. Third, it is beautiful. The frame of our tent is made of aluminum alloy, and the cover is coated with PVC knife. Both of them have good luster and will not rust. At the same time, our tarpaulin also provides a variety of colors to help customers shape more appearance. Most of our customers also feedback that the aluminum alloy structure of peng fan in practical operation more convenient, fast, beautiful and generous.

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