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How to efficiently solve the problem of storage and workshop space?
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Recently, constantly have friends to our reaction, workshop and warehouse rent is higher and higher, now continue to pay a high price to rent, already cannot satisfy the need of enterprise rapid and stable development, but also built warehouse workshop and facing the upfront costs too much, land, buildings, strict approval process and double complicated issues, make many friends over.

Is there a perfect solution to this problem? The answer is yes, all kinds of large span tents designed and manufactured by our company are born for this purpose.

Timber business in Shanghai zhang boss recently is a lot of lumber for him no place to pile up distressing, he ran across our changzhou business online mobile tent manufacturing co., LTD., so he phoned to our advice, our engineers quickly arrived at the scene of his site to view, according to his condition for he designed several sets of large span tent. Only a short month, our tent has been completed manufacturing and construction and put into use, effectively solve the storage problem of boss zhang at the same time, saving valuable cost and time for boss zhang. According to boss zhang, he would have invested several times as much if he had rented a warehouse instead of using our tent plan.

Business awning room of long-span awning room, USES the high strength aluminum alloy frame and double PVC knife tarpaulins, besides has a solid security characteristic with long life-span, also has the appearance of beautiful atmosphere, whether large exhibition, or warehouse, industrial warehouse and workshop, our large span tent awning room can provide you with perfect experience. We will be adhering to the principle of quality first, customer first, sincerely look forward to cooperating with every customer!

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