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Haze? Never mind, let's move somewhere else!
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Recently, many parts of the country have suffered from haze weather, some of which have even affected People's Daily life. Some outdoor activities have to be cancelled or postponed, causing great trouble to many people. In the face of haze, do we really helpless, can only stay at home?

Mr. Li from nanjing is a football fan. He thought that the small football match organized by his company would be postponed because of the haze. However, he did not expect that the match would go smoothly as scheduled. Originally, Mr Li's unit staff activity and large meeting into consideration, a temporary decision on empty lots that were out of the unit set up a set of aluminum awning room, from the establishment of the idea to changzhou lead them to move with us tent manufacturing co., LTD., to the implementation of the awning room engineering, a total of only spent a month of time. In the haze weather, which is not suitable for outdoor sports, Mr. Li was free to sweat on the court!

The advantages of awning stadium are as follows: 1. The construction of awning does not need troublesome approval process, which is fast and short; 2. 2. It has a wide range of USES. In addition to various sports activities, large-scale meetings and other activities of the company, such as annual meeting, can be decorated simply to meet their different requirements; 3. Small investment, the price of a tent relative to a stadium, a drop in the bucket, but the service life can reach more than 10 years, ultra high cost performance is perfect.

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