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Before the atmosphere of the Spring Festival had left us, many of our friends started their journey away from home. The Spring Festival travel rush is one of the key words that must be mentioned.

It's hard to associate the word "orderly" with Spring Festival travel, which conjudes crowds and packed queues.

Shanghai railway station, every year to undergo the test of Spring Festival travel, due to the number of passengers and geographical constraints, the former Shanghai railway station square at this time of year is very crowded and chaotic. This year, however, it has taken on a new look. Empty railway station square built the big awning room, beautiful and durable by waiting, different USES, such as pit stop and rest a number of tent has played a huge role, effective use of the space of the square itself at the same time, ensure the order and security of passengers team, the appearance of high-end atmosphere but also for the square graces many.

Anbang awning produced by the various types of awning, with the use of easy to build, functional diversification, beautiful quality first-class, etc., can provide a perfect solution for a variety of situations, more and more by the region and the industry's favor. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, anbang tent staff wish all friends good health and good luck in the New Year!

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