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Wu qilong liu shishi romantic wedding - outdoor tent into the star first choice
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2106, our shibao happily married nicky wu in Bali.

Nowadays whether domestic or foreign is very popular romantic warmth outdoor wedding, outdoor wedding has become the choice of more and more new couples, but hold this new form of wedding what need to pay attention to? How to use less money romantic outdoor wedding? How do you have a high-end, gorgeous place outdoors? There is no doubt that the tent is the best choice.

Outdoor wedding site decoration, is a key link in the success of the wedding. Necessary activity place, setting is decorated, add atmosphere, the setting of foil effect is decorated, awning can match special acoustics, the lamp accompanies wonderful music, and lamplight arrangement. In addition, you do not need to worry about the weather, our tent at the same time against the wind and rain easy placement features. We also can combine environmental characteristic, will awning has special modelling to decorate, use Europe type or Chinese style to wait a moment, build a sweet and romantic, pure and fresh and natural atmosphere.

Our anbang tent will provide you with a high-end romantic wedding venue, so that you do not have to worry about the weather, our tent against wind and rain easy placement. Choose anbang tent, have a romantic and fresh wedding.

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